Alcohol Laws For Washington

Beer and wine are available in specialty stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, department stores, taverns, and other locations licensed by the State Liquor Control Board. Spirits are available in stores greater than 10,000 sq ft (grocery stores, big box liquor chains). There are two exceptions to the 10,000-sq-ft rule: 1) Former State and Contract Liquor Stores that reopened under private ownership may also sell spirits provided they have been issued a new license from the state. 2) Cities, mostly in rural areas, that do not have a store that meets the minimum floor space may be allowed to sell spirits if the Liquor Control Board deems that there are no sufficient establishments within the trade area.

Can I drink outside of the bar?
Nope. Where do you think you are, Bourbon Street?

Are there certain hours when I can't buy alcohol?
Unfortunately, there are some restrictions here.
In the bar: You can buy alcohol from 6 am until 2 am. (A local government subdivision may establish later opening hours or earlier closing hours.)
At the store: Second verse, same as the first.

You can buy these delights in just a regular grocery store:
For everything else, you'll just have to go to a damn liquor store. Like an animal.

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