Alcohol Laws For New Jersey

Some dry communities in historically Methodist and Quaker communities in the southern part of the state.
hough there is not a ban on selling alcoholic beverages at grocery stores, New Jersey limits each chain to two licenses, so with only a few exceptions, most supermarkets/convenience stores/gas stations/pharmacies do not sell alcoholic beverages. In addition, liquor sales are only permitted in a separate department or attached sister store. Bars are allowed to off-sale packaged goods.
With the exception of Jersey City and Newark, all municipalities MUST allow off-sales of beer and wine at any time on-sales are permitted. However, since alcoholic beverages are generally only found in package stores, this right is rarely exercised.
Alcoholic beverages by the drink as well as off-sales of beer and wine are permitted 24 hours a day in Atlantic City and Brigantine.

Can I drink outside of the bar?
Nope. Where do you think you are, Bourbon Street?

Are there certain hours when I can't buy alcohol?
Unfortunately, there are some restrictions here.
In the bar: Each municipality can control hours by local ordinance. Most municipalities have a last call of 2 or 3 a.m. Atlantic City, Brigantine, Absecon, Elwood, Pomona, Smithville, Galloway, and Mullica (All in Atlantic County) serve 24 hours. There are some dry towns in the southern part of the state, including Ocean City.
At the store: 9 a.m.-10 p.m. for liquor. Beer and wine can be sold at any time on-premise sales are permitted in that municipality. This causes most liquor stores to close at 10 PM, however some will stay open an hour later selling only beer and wine. Cities of the first class (e.g. Jersey City and Newark) are exempt from this law and may set their own hours for liquor sales.

You can buy these delights in just a regular grocery store:
For everything else, you'll just have to go to a damn liquor store. Like an animal.

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