Alcohol Laws For Indiana

Ah, Indiana, the South of the North. You'd expect relatively lax laws on liquor here, would you not?

Think again! Hoosier haven has some strange and restrictive laws for the serving of liquor including requirements for bars to have full food service for at least 25 people and absolutely no sales on Sunday outside of bars, resturaunts, and microbreweries.

Oh and one more thing...NO BOOZE ON CHRISTMAS! Bars and package stores close at 3 AM on Christmas morning and do not begin to serve again until at least 7 AM on the 26th. Bah Humbug!

Can I drink outside of the bar?
Nope. Where do you think you are, Bourbon Street?

Are there certain hours when I can't buy alcohol?
Unfortunately, there are some restrictions here.
In the bar: Bars are allowed to serve from 7 AM until 3 AM except on Sundays, which are drier than the sand of the Indiana dunes
At the store: Buy some hoosier hooch to take home from 7 AM until 3 AM seven days a week...but not on Christmas!

You can buy these delights in just a regular grocery store:

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